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Bonnie Blue Flag Stretched Barnwood | Wall Art Print | 20X24

SKU W671

During the start of the American Civil War, the Bonnie Blue flag was associated with the Republic of Texas, the Republic of West Florida, and the Confederate States of America. Today, it generally serves as a collective banner of the Southeastern United States in general. Originally the flag was made up of a single, five-pointed white star against a blue background, with its first recorded use in 1810. Later it was adopted by the Congress of the Republic of Texas in 1836 and named the Burnet flag. This flag evolved to have an azure background with a large gold star.

Our framed flags are delivered ready to hang, with wire hangers included and no additional framing needed. Each flag is embroidered on a cotton cloth and then handcrafted, steamed, ironed & pinned down to ensure the placement & quality within the frame.