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Longhorn in Blue Bonnet

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The mighty and much-loved Texas Longhorn is the result of the accidental crossbreeding between the descendants of the Criollo cattle and the cows of early American settlers. Known for their famous horns, these can extend to over 70 inches tip to tip for bulls, and up to 100 inches tip to tip for steers and cows. Survivors at heart, the Longhorn breed was rescued from the brink of extinction in 1927. A team from the United States Forest Service preserved some specimens in Oklahoma, and with the help of a man called J. Frank Dobie in the years that followed, the breed slowly regained their numbers.

Each piece of our artwork comes delivered ready to hang, with wire hangers included and no additional framing needed. Every canvas is hand-crafted and expertly stretched around wooden stretcher bars, and all of our photo prints use a heavy art stock paper to ensure the highest quality results. We use premium canvas, photo paper and inks to produce the highest quality art possible.