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Come & Take It Flag | Texas Revolution | Wall Art Print | 22X34

SKU W885

"Come and Take It" is a historic slogan that was first used in 480 BC and dates back to King Leonidas I defying the Persian army to take his army's weapons at the Battle of Thermopylae. Later, during the American Revolution, at the Battle of Gonzales during the Texas Revolution, the phrase resurfaced. The Gonzales "Come and Take It" cannon was a Spanish-made, six-pound bronze artillery piece. The gun was the object of contention between a Mexican military detachment and Anglo-Celtic colonists. The disagreement resulted in the battle of Gonzales, which was considered to be the first battle of the Texas Revolution.

Our framed flags are delivered ready to hang, with wire hangers included and no additional framing needed. Each flag is embroidered on a cotton cloth and then handcrafted, steamed, ironed & pinned down to ensure the placement & quality within the frame.